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Dear Marketers:

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system on the Internet today.

In my business I create WordPress sites for my clients day in and day out, it is so easy to use. Over the years I have collected a very useful set of plugins that I love and place on all my sites.

One of the biggest frustrations is that WordPress only allows you to upload one plugin at a time. A very slow and tedious process. Using FTP is even slower because you actually have to extract the plugins into their folders in order to upload them.

So I did some research, hooked up with an awesome programmer and we developed a way to upload many plugins at one time… FAST!

Finally! I’m not wasting hours uploading my favorite plugins every time I install a WordPress site…

In fact, with the click of a button it takes less than ninety seconds to upload and install all 20 of my favorite plugins when I do a WP install. That, is fast (and easy!)

I’ve personally built over 135 websites in the past year alone using this powerful tool and using this powerful plugin has saved me hours and hours of time.

How would you like to get as many plugins as you want installed in minutes, save yourself a LOT of time and frustration and get your websites up and running faster than ever?

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PS: So… go ahead and try this powerful plugin on me, let me take all the risk, I am so confident that Upload Rocket will save you time and frustration that I am offering a 30 day No Risk money back guarantee.


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